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2023 BAAITS Two Spirit Artist Mini-Grants

Deadline: March 31, 2023


Application Details

BAAITS 2023 Two Spirit Artist Mini-Grants
Deadline for Submissions: March 31, 2023


Applications are open for our BAAITS 2023 Two Spirit Artist Mini-Grants. Two Spirit artists who
are living/working in the Bay Area (West Coast artists may also be considered) are eligible to
apply for a grant, up to $5,000 total, to support their artwork/projects that address Two Spirit
identity and cultural expression, queer indigeneity, gender expression and sexuality. We will
accept applications for grants supporting your professional development as a Two
Spirit/IndigeQueer artist. BAAITS Staff and Board members are not eligible.

Bay Area American Indian Two-Spirits (BAAITS) exists to restore and recover the role of
Two-Spirit people within the American Indian/First Nations community by creating a forum for
the spiritual, cultural and artistic expression of Two-Spirit people.

The BAAITS 2023 Two Spirit Artist Mini-Grants project will support our Two Spirit artists and
their creativity as a vital part of our healthy communities. Selected artists will be featured across
BAAITS social media reach, expanding across Indian Country and beyond. We aim to make the
application process easy to complete and streamline the process to have funds disbursed in a
timely manner.

General Art Work or Projects Grant (majority of grants)
Grants can be used for a wide range of projects directly supporting artwork and projects,
●     Artist fees
●     Art project supplies and materials
●     Production costs & equipment
●     Literature and educational material

Professional Development Grants (1 - 2 will be considered)
Professional development grant funds can be used to cover various professional development
costs, including:
●     Conference fees
●     Meals and accommodations
●     Transportation (not including gas)
●     Hiring consultants or other professionals to provide coaching/training


How to Apply


Our 2023 funding cycle is now open to applications. Please review the application guidelines
below and see the link to apply at the end of the page.

Application Guidelines
●     Two Spirit, Indigequeer, Indigenous LGBTQIA+ artists (primarily from the Bay Area and
living in the West Coast) are eligible to apply.

●     Projects that require additional fundraising (in addition to a BAAITS 2023 Two Spirit
Artist Mini-Grant) are ineligible to receive a mini-grant. Your project must be fully funded by the
BAAITS 2023 Two Spirit Artist Mini-Grant.

●     Projects must be completed by November 30, 2023.

●     Grant funds may not be used to pay artists for anything unrelated to your project nor
high end or personal use technology.

●     You may submit more than one application, but only one application can be awarded in

●     See grant application (link above) for additional guidelines and requirements.


A review panel will judge applications based on the following criteria:

Project Design and Implementation (10 pts): Project design indicates realistic timeline,
appropriate budget, clear artistic and community-based objectives and achievable outcomes.
Design includes a component that is free to the public. Design articulates methods to evaluate
and measure success, collect and analyze data, and document activities. Design demonstrates
depth of participant involvement and clear plans for community outreach and marketing.

Artistic Merit (10 pts): Every stage of the project design and execution demonstrates skills,
expertise, and experiences that are central to the goals of the project and program.

Community Impact (10 pts): Project demonstrates reach and/or depth of engagement in an
identified community. Project is responsive to the community to be served. Project execution
and evaluation involve significant community participation in accordance with the identified
project outcomes.

Management and Leadership (10 pts): Ability of applicant organization to implement
proposed project is clearly demonstrated by qualifications of project’s team, viability of project
budget, and overall fiscal and managerial health of applicant and partnering organizations.

Apply Now

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