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If you are in a physical or mental health emergency please call 911 

24 HOUR SUICIDE HOTLINES - Remember you are not alone!


Crisis Line: (415) 781-0500

HIV Nightline: (415) 434-2437 or 1-800-273-2437

HIV Textline:  (415) 200-2920

Drug Information Line: (415) 362-3400

Relapse Line: (415) 834-1144

PWSS Support Line: (415) 288-7160

TTY: (415) 227-0245

Mobile Crisis Unit for SF 



Community United Against Violence—report hate crimes


If you are an LGBTQ person dealing with violence or abuse, leave a message for CUAV at (415) 333-HELP (4357). Services require the completion of an intake to assess if we are the best fit for support.


If you are looking to file a domestic/dating violence restraining order, contact the Access Center for Family Law and Self-Help Services at (415) 551-5880.


If you are looking for a domestic violence shelter, contact WOMAN Inc. at 1-877-384-3578.


If you are looking for legal advice pertaining to domestic violence, contact Bay Area Legal Aid at (800) 551-5554.

Community Resources

Note for Researchers/Academics:


BAAITS is a very small, all-volunteer organization that exists primarily to serve our Two Spirit community. As such, we are unable to serve as a resource to scholars conducting research on Two-Spirit people or communities.  Due to the high volume of requests we receive from researchers, BAAITS is not able to assist with connecting researchers to possible participants, or with academic resources related to Two-Spirit issues.  


Looking for help tracing your family's Native heritage?


BAAITS does not have the capacity to help people trace their family histories. To trace your Native heritage, we'd recommend that you check your local library. They often have genealogy research classes and/or connections. We unfortunately have no resources to assist with tracking family documents.


Here are some websites that you may find helpful:

The Bureau of Indian Affairs has a good guide:

Department of the Interior guide:

National Indian Law Library:

One more resource:

BAAITS exists to restore and recover the role of Two-Spirit people within the American Indian/First Nations community by creating a forum for the spiritual, cultural and artistic expression of Two-Spirit people. People who are involved with our activities usually have some connections to their Native communities of origin, though the degree of these connections may vary. Since we are an intertribal organization, we do not have the ability to connect individuals to their tribal community, or to help them learn about their tribe's history, culture, or traditions.

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